Rob Morrison Campaign Launch in Golden!

Conservatives kicked off our campaign in the beautiful mountain town of Golden! During my first term as your Member of Parliament I was presented with an unprecedented volume of requests for help and I want to thank an outstanding staff for their assistance in providing help to thousands of Kootenay-Columbians. From returning Canadians home at the outset of the crisis to helping them access needed financial assistance, and everything in between, I have been humbled to serve you and will work hard every day of this election, along with an outstanding team of Conservative volunteers, to ensure that Kootenay-Columbia remains Conservative and free of socialist influence.
As we move forward we must secure our economy and we need a government that will prioritize freedom, which includes working to ensure that our children’s children don’t inherit a life of debt. I look forward to meeting you on the road as we travel the riding during this election. Working hard for you! ~ Rob

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